Last Man Standing

The last men standing

A dramatic late equaliser from Wolves at Stamford Bridge today means our Last Man Standing is shared between the two remaining entrants who had both picked Chelsea.

Congratulations to Kevin Gibson and Tony Kelly who each receive 150 euro. 🏆⚽️


Our thanks to all those who entered our popular competition and all those who sold entries. 👏👏

Week Nine Update

2 entrants remain after week nine of Last Man Standing.

Tony Kelly and Kevin Gibson are going to battle it out after Gavin Blunnie exited the competition as his pick Wolves were comprehensively beaten by Brighton.

By a twist of fate both remaining entrants have the same selection for week 10 so if that selection wins we will move on to week 11 and if they dont win then it will be split two ways.


Here is the selection;

Chelsea(2); Kevin Gibson, Tony Kelly.


This weeks relevant fixture

Chelsea v Wolves

Week Eight Update

Just three remain in Last Man Standing after 17 departed in week 8.


Best of luck to the three remaining entrants.

Liverpool (1); Kevin Gibson

Manchester Utd (1); Tony Kelly

Wolves (1); Gavin Blunnie

This weeks fixtures;

Manchester Utd v Brentford

Newcastle v Liverpool

Wolves v Brighton

Week Seven Update

20 entrants remain in Last Man Standing after week 7.

Here are the selections for week 8.

Aston Villa (1): Shauna O'Donnell.

Brighton (4): Garry Gibson, Johnnie McGroarty, Mickey Kelly, Ciaran Nolan.

Crystal Palace (7): Raymond Foy, Zach Flanagan, Connor Gormley, Pauric Curley, Shane Hilley, Sam Gallagher, Garry Gibson.

Manchester City (2): Gavin Blunnie, Tony Kelly.

Newcastle Utd (1): Kevin Gibson.

Norwich City (2): Damien O'Brien, Eddie McGrath.

Wolves (3): Ciaran Harvey, Billy Gordon, Zach White.


Week 8 fixtures;

Arsenal v Manchester Utd

Brentford v Tottenham

Brighton v Southampton

Burnley v Wolves

Chelsea v West Ham

Crystal Palace v Leeds

Leicester City v Aston Villa

Liverpool v Everton

Manchester City v Watford

Norwich v Newcastle Utd


Week Six Update

26 survive week 6 of Last Man Standing with a number of surprising results.


Here are the selections for week 7

Everton (5): Ciaran Nolan, Tony Kelly, Mickey Kelly, Eddie McGrath, Damien O'Brien

Leicester City (1): Ben Temple

Manchester City (1): Shauna O'Donnell

Manchester Utd (13): Garry Gibson, Billy Gordon,Sam Gallagher, Gavin Blunnie, Shane Hilley, Pauric Curley, Connor Gormley, Kevin Gibson,Johnnie McGroarty, Ciaran Harvey, Zach Flanagan, Raymond Foy, Garry Gibson.

Southampton(1): Zach White

Tottenham (1): Marty McGroarty

West Ham (4): Christina O'Donnell, Ronan McBride, Joe Gibbons, Mark Callaghan.


Here are this weeks fixtures;

Aston Villa v Liverpool

Everton v Crystal Palace

Leeds v Chelsea

Manchester Utd v Norwich

Newcastle v Leicester City

Southampton v Arsenal

Tottenham v Brighton

Watford v Brentford

West Ham v Burnley

Wolves v Manchester City

Week Five Update

Carnage in week 5 of LMS as 67 people made their exit which was more than half of the remaining participants going into the latest round of fixtures.


55 remain and here are their picks for week 6:


Arsenal (15): Tony Blake, Jackie Duffy, David McCormick, Stephen Browne, Leonard Watson, JP Byrne, Charlie Lynch, Marty McGroarty, Mark O'Donnell, Eugene McCafferty, Anthony Campbell, Shane McMorrow, Ciaran Kelly, Johnny Patton, Ann Duffy.

Burnley (1): PJ McGrath

Chelsea (1): Marty McGroarty

Everton (2): Raymond Foy, Zach Flanagan

Leeds Utd (3): Damien O'Brien, Ciaran Harvey, Shauna O'Donnell

Leicester City (7): Johnnie McGroarty, Kevin Gibson, Ciaran Nolan, Connor Gormley, Pauric Curley, Zach White, Mark Callaghan

Manchester Utd (2): Anna Flanagan, Leo Dowdall

Newcastle Utd (8): Tony Kelly, Gavin Blunnie, Shane Hilley, Ronan McBride, Joe Gibbons, Eddie McGrath, Garry Gibson, Mickey Kelly,

Norwich City (4): Christina O'Donnell, Garry Gibson, Ben Temple, Sam Gallagher.

Tottenham Hotspur (1): Billy Gordon

Watford (3): Steven Johnston, Eddy Moore, Justin Temple.

West Ham (6): Aaron Temple, Shea McGrath, Kevin McGrath, Garry Gibson, Max Gallagher, John Joe McGinley

Wolves (2): Yvonne O'Connor, Davy Leech.


This weeks fixtures;

Arsenal v Brighton

Aston Villa v Tottenham

Brentford v West Ham

Everton v Manchester Utd

Leicester City v Crystal Palace

Manchester City v Liverpool

Newcastle v Wolves

Norwich v Burnley

Southampton v Chelsea

Watford v Leeds 

Week Four Update

122 remain in our Last Man Standing competition as we move into week 5 which will take place the weekend of April 2nd/3rd.


Here are the selections for those who have survived into week 5.

Aston Villa (3); Matthew Flanagan, Eamonn Dunne, Margo Barclay

Brighton(39); Ryan McGee, Martin Tinney, Cian Nolan, Gavin Doherty, Donal McGee, Ray Flanagan, Barry Timlin, Gavin McDaid, Shaun Sandilands, Philip Nixon, Barney Bradley, Adam Campbell, Mickie McGroarty, Sam Harvey, Laurence Kinlan, Neil Carberry, Ben Reuven, Margaret Henriksson, Keith Malseed, Robbie White, Gary Naughton, Dualtach Molloy, Liam Curran, Einri Diamond, Jonathan Foley, Liam O'Donnell, Damien Daly, Rory O'Gorman, Garry Gibson, Gerry Gallagher, Darren Devine, Terence Shiels, Justin McGrath, Mark McCauley, Charlie O'Hora, Cian Crossan, Shane Ward, Garry Gibson, Eweline Wozniczak

Burnley (1); Kieran McGrath

Chelsea(7); Marty McCauley, John Keeney, Ciaran Harvey, Dessie Lynagh, Hugh Devenney, Kevin Gallagher, Ewelina Wozniczak

Crystal Palace(1); Justin Temple

Leeds Utd(2); Vinny McLaughlin, Shane McMorrow

Leicester City(1); Odhran Gormley

Liverpool(8); Ann Duffy, Gavin Blunnie, Tony Kelly, Mark Callaghan, Shauna O'Donnell, Christina O'Donnell, Eddy Moore, Jackie Duffy

Manchester City(9); Ronan McBride, Steven Johnston, Billy Gordon, Davy Leech, Max Gallagher, Yvonne O'Connor, John Joe McGinley, Shane Hilley, Johnny Patton.

Manchester Utd (14); Emer McConigley, Gary O'Hanlon, Colin White, Bridin McGrath, Mickey McGrath, Kevin Kelly, Adam Moore, Roland McLaughlin, Keelan Doherty, Nicky Gormley, Dan O'Donnell, Dessie Kelly, Joel Gorman, Veronica Gormley

Tottenham(19); Aaron Temple, Shea McGrath, Kevin McGrath, Garry Gibson, Kevin Gibson, Ciaran Nolan, Eugene McCafferty, Raymond Foy, Anthony Campbell, Connor Gormley, Shane McMorrow, Zach Flanagan, Eddie McGrath, Pauric Curley, Damien O'Brien, Joe Gibbons, Zach White, Ciaran Harvey, Ciaran Kelly

West Ham(17); Johnnie McGroarty, David McCormick, Stephen Browne,Ben Temple, Anna Flanagan, Leonard Watson, Garry Gibson, JP Byrne, Leo Dowdall, Charlie Lynch, Mickey Kelly, Sam Gallagher, Marty McGroarty, Marty McGroarty, Garry Gibson, Mark O'Donnell, PJ McGrath

Wolves(1); Tony Blake


This weeks fixtures;

Brighton v Norwich

Burnley v Manchester City

Chelsea v Brentford

Crystal Palace v Arsenal

Leeds v Southampton

Liverpool v Watford

Manchester Utd v Leicester City

Tottenham v Newcastle

West Ham v Everton

Wolves v Aston Villa

Week Three Update

Week 3 was a significant elimination week in LMS with over 70 fallers on Cheltenham week while dramatic late winners for Chelsea and Leeds Utd saved the bacon for over 100 more!


133 progress to Week 4 and here are the selections for the gameweek.

Brighton(1); Kieran McGrath

Chelsea(7); Ciaran Nolan, Gary O'Hanlon, Mickie McGroarty,Sam Harvey, Odhran Gormley, Laurence Kinlan, Ewelina Wozniczak.

Crystal Palace(2); Yvonne O'Connor, Marty McGroarty.

Everton(12); Garry Gibson, Marty McGroarty, Garry Gibson, Philip Nixon, Barney Bradley,Kevin Gibson,Adam Campbell, Shea McGrath, Steven Johnston, Billy Gordon, Gavin McDaid, Justin Temple.

Leeds Utd(1); Anna Flanagan

Leicester City(25); PJ McGrath, Mark O'Donnell, Davy Leech, Shaun Sandilands, Max Gallagher, Margo Barclay, Tony Kelly, Kevin McGrath, Barry Timlin, Emer McConigley, Gavin Blunnie, Margaret Henriksson, Robbie White, Eddy Moore, Shane Hilley, Keith Malseed, Mickey Kelly, Gary Naughton, Dualtach Molloy, Liam Curran, John Joe McGinley, Neil Carbery, Eugene McCafferty, Johnny Patton, Marty McCauley

Liverpool (2); Colin White, John Keeney.

Manchester City(58); Tony Blake, Ben Reuven, Ewelina Wozniczak, Sam Gallagher, Joel Gorman, Damien Daly, Bridin McGrath, Garry Gibson,Charlie Lynch,Raymond Foy, Anthony Campbell, Kevin Gallagher, Christina O'Donnell, Hugh Devenney, Connor Gormley, Shane Ward, Cian Crossan, Shane McMorrow, Charlie O'Hora, Dessie Lynagh, Mark McCauley, Eamonn Dunne, Justin McGrath, Terence Shiels, Zach Flanagan, Leo Dowdall, JP Byrne, Garry Gibson, Darren Devine, Gerry Gallagher, Eddie McGrath, Mickey McGrath, Kevin Kelly, Matthew Flanagan, Leonard Watson, Adam Moore, Ciaran Kelly, Roland McLaughlin, Garry Gibson, Keelan Doherty, Ciaran Harvey, Zach White, Rory O'Gorman, Joe Gibbons, Donal McGee, Liam O'Donnell, Pauric Curley, Jonathan Foley, Nicky Gormley, Shane McMorrow, Einri Diamond, David McCormick, Johnnie McGroarty, Ann Duffy, Ray Flanagan, Dessie Kelly, Dan O'Donnell, Ciaran Harvey

Manchester Utd(2); Shauna O'Donnell, Ben Temple

Newcastle Utd(6); Mark Callaghan, Stephen Browne, Damien O'Brien, Vinny McLaughlin, Ryan McGee, Gavin Doherty

Southampton(4); Cian Nolan, Aaron Temple, Martin Tinney, Ronan McBride

Tottenham (2); Veronica Gormley, Jackie Duffy

West Ham(2); Adrian Flanagan, Ciara O'Connor

Wolves(9); Sean McManus, John Baird, Conor Lynch, Enda McClafferty, Mick Martin, Paddy Browne, Garry Gibson, Keith O'Donnell, James Barclay


This weeks fixtures;

Aston Villa v Arsenal

Burnley v Southampton

Leicester City v Brentford

Liverpool v Manchester Utd

Manchester City v Brighton

Newcastle v Crystal palace

Norwich v Chelsea

Tottenham v West Ham

Watford v Everton

Wolves v Leeds

Week Two Update

Wolves inability to defeat Crystal Palace  were the main reason 24 people exited Last Man Standing in week two.


Here are the selections for week 3 for the remaining entrants.

Arsenal(6); Max Gallagher, Dan O'Donnell, Yvonne O'Connor, Cian Nolan, John Baird, Margo Barclay

Brentford(6); Ciaran Harvey,Stephen Browne, Kieran McGrath, Tony Kelly, Shauna O'Donnell, Shane McMorrow.

Burnley(1); Kyle O'Donnell

Chelsea(61); Liam O'Donnell, Pauric Curley, Jonathan Foley, Conor Tourish, Donal McGee, Joe Gibbons, Rory O'Gorman,Zach White, Kevin McGrath(Derry), Barry Timlin, Ciaran Harvey, Emer McConigley, Gavin Blunnie, Damien O'Brien, Keelan Doherty, Conor Lynch, Garry Gibson, Roland McLaughlin, Ciaran Kelly, Aaron Temple,Margaret Henriksson, Robbie White, Adam Moore, Marty McGroarty, Vinny McLaughlin, Leonard Watson, Eddy Moore, Matthew Flanagan, Adrian Flanagan, Kevin Kelly, Anna Flanagan, Mickey McGrath, Eddie McGrath, Martin Tinney, JP Byrne, Garry Gibson, Gerry Gallagher, Darren Devine, Leo Dowdall, Zach Flanagan, Garry Gibson, Shane Hilley, Terence Shiels, Ryan McGee, Justin McGrath, Keith Malseed, Mickey Kelly, Enda McClafferty, Philip Nixon, Colin White, Ben Temple, Veronica Gormley, Nicky Gormley, Einri Diamond, Mark O'Donnell, Garry Gibson, David McCormick, Sean McManus, Johnnie McGoarty, Davy Leech, Shuan Sandilands,

Everton(9); Rory Gallagher, Ciaran Maloney, Eunan Gormley, Kieran McGrath, Darren McElwaine, Orla O'Connor, Nicole McGrath, Dessie Kelly, Eamonn McConigley.

Leeds(40); Mick Martin, John Keeney, Eamonn Dunne, Mark McCauley, Gary Naughton, Dessie Lynagh, Dualtach Molloy, Liam Curran, John Joe McGinley, Laurence Kinlan, Charlie O'Hora, Ronan McBride, Paddy Browne, Shane McMorrow, Neil Carberry, Gavin Doherty, Eugene McCafferty, Cian Crossan, Shane Ward, Connor Gormley, Hugh Devenney, Christina O'Donnell, Odhran Gormley, Barney Bradley, Kevin Gallagher, Sam Harvey, PJ McGrath, Garry Gibson, Mark Callaghan, Kevin Gibson, Adam Campbell, Anthony Campbell, Raymond Foy, Mickie McGroarty, Jackie Duffy, Charlie Lynch, Garry Gibson, Bridin McGrath, Ann Duffy, Ray Flanagan,

Leicester City(2); Emma Kelly, Ryan Kelly.

Liverpool(13); Damien Daly, Shea McGrath, Sam Gallagher, Joel Gorman, Johnny Patton, Steven Johnston, Ewelina Wozniczak, Marty McGroarty, Billy Gordon, Ben Reuven, Keith O'Donnell, Dessie Kelly, Ewelina Wozniczak

Manchester City(33); Leigh Maguire, Tom Livingstone, Ernie Pollock, Darren Young, Michael Lynch, Jamie Lynagh, Darragh McGrath, Damien Herron, Caoimhe Crossan, Veronica Gormley, Chris Malseed, Ethan Dilleystan, Fiona Fox, John Diver, Sean O'Donnell, Shane Browne, Alan Kealy, Ryan Callan, Barry Fitzgerald, Gavin O'Donnell, Cathal McGlynn, Stephen Mailey, TJ McMorrow, Neil Gordon, Caolan McGroarty, Dualtach McGroarty, Liam Doherty, John Otterson, Ewelina Wozniczak, Eweliana Wozniczak, Declan Fanning,Ewelina Wozniczak, Ciara Duffy.

Manchester United (2); James Barclay, Ciara O'Connor

Southampton(26); William White, Erin Fox, Daithi Tracey, Kearneys, Stephen Doherty, Prionsias Diamond, Garrett Holmes, Johnny Duffy, Ryan Lonergan, Noel Malseed, Donagh McMorrow, Gareth Ferry, Anthony Gorman, Eoin Bonner, Odhran McGroarty, Adrian Ward, Emily White, Iarla McGowan, Mary Forde, Stevie Kleine, Annmarie Simmonds, Declan Sweeney, Will Burton, Diarmaid Doherty, Joe Marley, Kieran McGrath

West Ham(6); Gary O'Hanlon, Marty McCauley, Gavin McDaid, Toy Blake, Justin temple, Ciaran Nolan,


This weeks fixtures

Arsenal v Leicester City

Brentford v Burnley

Brighton v Liverpool

Chelsea v Newcastle

Crystal Palace v Manchester City

Everton v Wolves

Leeds v Norwich

Manchester Utd v Tottenham

Southampton v Watford

West Ham v Aston Villa

Week One Update

Our thanks to everyone who has helped to make Last Man Standing a huge success.


Aston Villa, Brighton and West Ham caused a number of first week fallers.


The following progress to week two which is the week ending Sunday March 6th and here are their selections;

Arsenal (30); Christina O'Donnell, Pauric Curley,Odhran Gormley, Jonathan Foley, Gary O'Hanlon, Declan Sweeney, Conor Tourish, Kevin Cookie Gallagher, Barney Bradley, Michael Lynch, Darren Young, Rory O'Gorman, Joe Gibbons, Donal McGee, Jamie Lynagh, Zach White, Will Burton, Barry Timlin, Kevin McGrath (Derry), Darragh McGrath, Nicole McGrath, Sam Harvey, Ciaran Harvey, Diarmaid Doherty, Ben Reuven, Billy Gordon, Shauna O'Donnell, Veronca Gormley, Annmarie Simmons. Tom Livingston

Aston Villa (37); Eddy Moore, Jackie Duffy, Leonard Watson, Marty McGroarty, Vinny McLaughlin, Mickie McGroarty, Robbie White, Adam Moore, Raymond Foy, Damien O'Brien,  Keelan Doherty, Conor Lynch, Garry Gibson, Roland McLaughlin, Ciaran Kelly, Aaron Temple, Margaret Henriksson, Adam Campbell, Anthony Campbell, Caoimhe Crossan, Marty McCauley, R Gallagher, Kevin Gibson, Damien Herron, Gavin Blunnie, Kieran McGrath, Garry Gibson, Ryan Kelly, Tony Kelly, PJ McGrath, Eamonn McConigley, Emer McConigley, Kevin Kelly, Mick Martin, Liam O'Donnell, Dessie Kelly, Ernie Pollock

Brentford (3); Charlie Lynch, Adrian Flanagan, Matthew Flanagan.

Brighton (1); Sean Harvey, 

Chelsea(62); John Joe McGinley,Emma Kelly,Steven Johnston, Yvonne O'Connor, Johnny Patton, Neil Gordon, Gareth Ferry, TJ McMorrow, Tony Blake, Anthony Gorman, Donagh McMorrow, Dualtach McGroarty, Caolan McGroarty, Noel Malseed, Ryan Lonergan, Johnny Duffy, Liam C, Dualtach Molloy, Stephen Mailey, Cathal McGlynn, Stephen Browne, Ronan McBride, Paddy Browne, Gavin O'Donnell, Gavin McDaid, Gavin Doherty, Barry Fitzgerald, Ryan Callan, Neil Carberry, Dan O'Donnell, Alan Nealy, Shane McMorrow,Connor Gormley, Eoin Bonner, Odhran McGroarty, Shane Browne, Shane Ward, Cian Crossan, Eugene McCafferty, Adrian Ward, Veronica Gormley, Chris Malseed, Ethan Dilleystan, Max Gallagher, Kyle O'Donnell, Keith O'Donnell, Darren McElwaine, Iarla McGowan, Fiona Fox, Emily White,Damien Daly, Garry Gibson, Bridin McGrath, Shea McGrath, Sam Gallagher, John Diver, Joel Gorman, Sean O'Donnell, Declan Fanning. Stevie Kleine, Leigh Maguire, Mary Forde

Crystal Palace (1); Anna Flanagan

Everton(2); Niall Doran, Lynette McGee.

Leicester(24);  Cian Nolan, Garry Gibson, Stephen Doherty, Prionsias Diamond, Zach Flanagan, Ciaran Maloney, Gerry Gallagher, Darren Devine, Leo Dowdall, Garrett Holmes, Garry Gibson, John Otterson, Martin Tinney, JP Byrne, Charlie O'Hora, Eddie McGrath, Mickey McGrath, James Barclay, Ciaran Harvey, Justin Temple, Laurence Kinlan, Liam Doherty, Orla O'Connor, Hugh Devenney

Liverpool(12); Ciaran Nolan, Ewewline Wozniczak, Ewewlina Wozniczak, Ewewlina Wozniczak, Shane Hilley, Terence Shiels, Ryan McGee, Eunan Gormley, Mark McCauley, Justin McGrath, Koar Noys, Kieran McGrath, 

Manchester City(11); John Baird, Keith Malseed, Mickey Kelly, Daithi Tracey, Erin Fox, Enda McClafferty, William White, Philip Nixon, Ciara O'Connor, Rory Gallagher, Colin White, 

Newcastle Utd (7); Gary Naughton, Dessie Lynagh, Ben Temple, Margo Barclay, Eamonn Dunne, Marty McGroarty, John Keeney, 

Norwich City(1); Elaine Maguire

Tottenham(18); Nicky Gormley, Shane McMorrow, Einri Diamond, Mark O'Donnell, Kevin McGrath( Glenwood), Garry Gibson, David McCormick, Sean McManus, Johnnie McGroarty, Ewelina Wozniczak, Ciara Duffy, Ann Duffy, Davy Leech, Shaun Sandilands, Ray Flanagan, Ewelina Wozniczak,Joe Marley, Dessie Kelly

Watford (1); Ciara O'Connor

Wolves(21); Eddy Moore, Danny O'Donnell, Karlos Rodgers, Danny O'Carroll, John Geraghty, Ronan Lennon, Damien McCormick, Daniel Sibbald, Lee Duffy, Eoin Watters, John Rainey, Dean Larkin, Gerard Meehan, Dessie McCallion, Rory McMorrow, Marcus Oliver, Benny Conboy, John Fox, Paul Duffy, Kieran McGrath, Damien Crossan.


March 5th Fixtures

Aston Villa v Southampton

Burnley v Chelsea

Leicester City v Leeds Utd

Liverpool v West Ham

Manchester City v Manchester Utd

Newcastle v Brighton

Norwich v Brentford

Tottenham v Everton

Watford v Arsenal

Wolves v Crystal Palace