Published on 5 February 2023 at 19:10
The Boot Bunker - at Letterkenny Rovers ground where you can drop off boots you no longer use and pick up a pair that fits

The club has proudly set up a new recycling facility, which we hope will not only make playing the game a lot more affordable on families but will encourage those who may not have had the equipment, a chance to start their footballing journey.


From 1st February 2023 there will now be a drop off box located at Leckview where players/parents can drop off their children's pre-worn boots that may now be too small but in good condition. Other parents can then avail of the facility whereby they can take a suitable pair of boots for their child free of charge. 


Obviously this facility will work best for everyone involved with both a "give" and "take" response, so we would love to encourage all families to go through their cupboards and donate what they can now and be mindful during the season of dropping off any "too small" boots so that the facility can continue to grow and benefit as many children at the Club as possible throughout the years. 


The drop off point will be the same point for drop off and collection and we hope that it will be used and endorsed by all. 


Many thanks,