Lets go Rovers, Lets Go!! St. Patricks Day Parade 2024☘️

Published on 17 March 2024 at 19:48

17th March 2024, ☘️ St. Patricks Day ☘️ 

It was great to see so many Rovers players turn out for the the St. Patricks Day parade, and to all the cheers for followers that greeted us as we marched the main street, with "Lets Go Rovers, Lets Go" ringing in our ears and infecting the onlookers as you seen the heads bob to the chant.


A special Thank you to all the coaches and parents that helped on the day in what was another fantastic club entry.


A special thank you to the main organiser, Lisa Boyle for pulling the whole thing together.

Below are some pictures and videos:


Coming Soon: